IncognitoGli Incognito, sono stati tra i primi ad entrare nel mondo dell’acid jazz. Esattamente nel 1981, con il loro primo album: “jazz funk” Quasi interamente strumentale. Il suo leader, Jean Paul Maunick detto “Bluey” è inglese, ma originario delle mauritius. Servendosi poi più tardi della splendida voce di Maysa Leak, ha creato inconsapevolmente, un genere che prendeva jazz e funk e gli dava delle atmosfere acide e uniche. Solo una decina d’anni  dopo, si sarebbe chiamato acid jazz appunto.


Dopo l’esordio seguì un lungo periodo di silenzio, fino al 1991, quando prepotentemente tornarono con “Inside life”. Ma la consacrazione vera avvenne con l’album seguente “tribes vibes andscribes” del 1992, dove si trova una versione rivista e reintepretata meravigliosamente di: “Don’t you worry bout a thing”, di Steave Wonder, ma cantata da molti. Nel 1993 raggiungono il meglio con “Positivity”, un album da avere! Negli album seguenti Maunick si è poi avvicinato ad un genere un po’ più dance ma sempre infuso di ritmi anni settanta, vero paradiso di melodie.


Nel 2010 pubblicano l’album Transatlantic R.P.M., con la partecipazione di Mario Biondi.


Jazz funk 
1. Parisienne Girl
2. Summer´s Ended
3. Shine On
4. Wake Up The City
5. Interference
6. Incognito
7. SunburnThe Smile Of A Child
8. Why Don’t You Believe
9. Chase The Clouds Away
10. Walking On Wheels
Inside life 
1. Metropolis
2. Smile
3. One Step To A Miracle
4. Can You Feel Me Crazy
5. For You Gypsy
6. Inside Life
7. Love Is The Colour
8. Sketches In The Dark
9. Soho
10. Always There
11. Promise You The Moon
Tribes, vibes and scribes 
1. Colibri
2. Change
3. River in My Dreams
4. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing
5. Magnetic Ocean
6. I Love What You Do for Me
7. Closer to the Feeling
8. Arc en Ciel de Miles
9. Need to Know
10. Pyramids
11. Tribal Vibes
1. Step into My Life
2. Still a Friend of Mine
3. Smiling Faces
4. Where Do We Go from Here
5. Positivity
6. Inversions
7. Givin’ It Up
8. Talkin’ Loud
9. Deep Waters
10. Do Right
11. Pieces of a Dream
12. Thinking ‘Bout Tomorrow
13. Keep the Fires Burning
100 and rising 
1. Where did we go wrong
2. Good love
3. One hundred and rising
4. Roots (Back to a Way of Life)
5. Everyday
6. Too far gone
7. After the fall (strumentale)
8. Spellbound and speechless
9. I hear your name
10. Barumba (Tribute to Luiz Eca)
11. Millenium (strumentale)
12. Time has come
13. Jacob’s ladder (strumentale)
Beneath the surface 
1. Labour of love
2. Beneath the surface
3. A shade of blue
4. Without you
5. Misunderstood
6. Hold on to me
7. Living against the river
8. She wears black
9. Fountain of life
10. Out of the storm
11. Dark side of the cog
12. All that tou want me to be
13. Sunchild
Last night in Tokio – live 
1. She Rises in the East
2. Solar Fire
3. Labour of Love
4. I Love What You Do for Me
5. Talkin’ Loud
6. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing
7. Out of the Storm
8. Dark Side of the Cog
9. Beneath the Surface
10. Colibri
11. Deep Waters
12. Everyday
13. Roots
14. Always There
15. Still a Friend of Mine
No time like the future 
1. Wild And Peaceful
2. Get Into My Groove
3. It Ain’t Easy
4. Marrakech
5. Fearless
6. Nights Over Egypt
7. Centre Of The Sun
8. More Of Myself
9. I Can See The Future
10. Black Rain
Life stranger than fiction 
1. Bring you down
2. Slow down (get a grip)
2. Skin on my skin
3. Cut it loose (Edit)
4. There will come a day
5. Worlds collide
6. Castles in the air
7. Got to know
8. Reach out
9. Rivers runnin’ black
10. On the road (pt.1)
11. On the road (pt.2)
12. Down to earth
Who Needs Love 
1. Who Needs Love
2. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
3. People At The Top
4. Morning Sun
5. Stone Cold Heart
6. Cada Dia (Day By Day)
7. If You Want My Love
8. Don’t Be A Fool
9. Byrd Plays
10. Where Love Shines
11. Did We Really Ever Try
12. Blue (I’m Still Here With You)
13. Fly
Adventures In Black Sunshine 
1. Don’t Turn My Love Away
2. Everything Your Heart Desires
3. Close My Eyes
4. The 25th Chapter
5. True To Myself
6. The Principles Of Love
7. This Thing Called Love
8. Fences And Barriers
9. Mindin’ My Business
10. Autumn Song
11. Listen To The Music
12. Mr. Jones
13. The World Is Mine
14. Beyond The Clouds
1. Let The Mystery Be
2. We Got Music
3. Come Away With Me
4. Baby It’s Alright
5. When Tomorrow Brings You Down
6. Jacaranda
7. Show Me Love
8. Will I Ever Learn?
9. I’ll Get By
10. It’s Just One Of Those Things
11. As Long As It’s You
Transatlantic R.P.M.
Everything that We Are
Your Sun My Sky
Line in the Sand
Let’s Fall in Love Again
The Song
Put a Little Lovin’ in Your Heart
All of My Life
Expresso Madureira
Life Ain’t Nothing But a Good Thing
Make Room for Love
Can’t Get Enough
The Winter of My Springs
Tell Me What to Do
1. The Less You Know
2. Goodbye To Yesterday
3. Above The Night
4. Ain’t It Time
5. Capricorn Sun
6. Don’t Wanna Know
7. Restless As We Are
8. Rivers On The Sun
9. Don’t Break Me Down
10. The Stars From Here
11. To Be With You
12. This Must Be Love
13. The Way You Love
14. Thoughtful Fantasies
 Amplified Soul2014
In Search of Better Days2016

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